opti.straight RESISTANT

Matrix opti straight RESISTANT Straightening Cream (500ml)

opti.straight NORMAL

Matrix opti straight NORMAL Straightening Cream (500ml)

12% 40 Vol Developer

Matrix Cream Developer 12% 40 Vol (1000ml)

Matrix opti straight RESISTANT Straightening Cream (500ml)

  • Matrix opti straight Straightening Cream
  • Hair Condition: Straight Hair
  • Active Ingredients: Thio-Ceramides, Shea Butter
  • Range: Professional Haircare
  • Benefits: Smoothening, Shine
  • Suitable For medium to thick, naturally curly/frizzy hair
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Opti.Straight is Matrix’s specialist in-salon permanent straightening product. This product gives not only perfectly straight results but also conditions the hair giving a healthy, naturally shiny look. Its unique auto-control technology stops straightening the moment a natural straight look is achieved. This ensures that the hair does not undergo any over-processing. Hence the hair's strength is not compromised.

Say goodbye to bad odour during the treatment! Opti.Straight’s strong bridal fragrance helps neutralize the ammonia odour to give a pleasant floral experience.

Opti.Straight is available in 2 different strengths basis hair type :

Opti.Straight Normal (For medium to fine, naturally wavy/frizzy hair)

Opti.Straight Resistant (For medium to thick, naturally curly/frizzy hair)

More Information
Suitable For Salon & Spa
Size 500 ml
Brand Matrix
Ideal For Women
Contents 1x Straightening Cream
Used For Shine & Gloss, Straightening & Smoothening, Styling
Hair Type Curly Hair, Medium Hair, Thick Hair, Frizzy Hair
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