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Matrix Wonder Black Ammonia Free Hair Color (98gm)

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Matrix Wonder Black Ammonia Free Hair Color (98gm)

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Wonder.Black Ammonia Free is a no-ammonia, permanent hair color that promises 100% grey coverage with natural color results and 5X shine post color! Its breakthrough golden gel texture protects and preserves the hair fiber for hair that remains soft and smooth after color.

Before applying Matrix hair color, people should know how to prepare the hair, choose the right dye, collect supplies, mix and apply the dye, and complete the process properly.

Prepare the Hair

Before applying any hair color, users should take the time to prepare the hair. Matrix hair color works best on hair that is completely dry and unwashed. Washing hair can strip it of its natural oils, which serve to protect the scalp and hair from damage during the coloring process.

Choose the Right Type of Dye

The type of hair color determines how long the color lasts and how dramatic the effects. The Matrix brand has lines in each of these major types. Semi-permanent hair color, which is temporary, is not available from Matrix.

Type of Color

Color Lasts

Useful For

Not Useful For

Matrix Line

Demi permanent

Approximately 28 Washes

Making hair darker

Covering gray

Making hair lighter

Color Sync

Gloss Sync


Until hair grows out

Making hair lighter or darker

Covering gray

Temporary color


Logics Colorcremes


Until hair grows out

Making hair lighter

Adding highlights

Anything but lightening hair

Light Master

Logics Luminous Cream Lightener

Ultimately, lightening the hair is the most difficult type of dying process. Those people who wish to lighten their hair extensively may be best off visiting a salon to avoid any permanent damage. Consumers should be sure to choose the right product for their needs.

Choose a Reasonable Color

For those who do not want to bleach their hair at home, either due to the harsh chemicals required or due to the possibility of long-term hair damage, it is important to use the right level of hair dye. With Matrix permanent hair color, it is only possible to raise the hair three levels without bleaching. Hair swatches can help users to determine which level is applicable.

Collect Supplies

Because timing can be important when applying hair dye, it is best to have all supplies handy before beginning. There are a few necessary supplies all users should have. Users should collect:

  1. Matrix dye
  2. Matrix cream developer
  3. Plastic mixing bowl
  4. Dye brush
  5. Shower cap
  6. Foils
  7. Hair clips
  8. Comb

Users should also be sure to wear old clothes or cover up with an old towel as hair dye can stain clothing. Once the supplies are in one place, ideally in a kitchen or bathroom, the dyeing process can begin.

Mix Dye

It is essential that users mix Matrix hair dye with the developer before application. The correct ratio for most Matrix products is 1:1, but it is a good idea to refer to the packaging to ensure the correct ratio. Users can squeeze one part Matrix hair color into the plastic mixing bowl and follow that with the same amount of developer. A dye brush is an easy stirring tool for this process.

Apply Dye

How the user applies the dye depends on how they want the final results to appear. For highlights or low lights, they can apply the color only to the strands they want to dye. Foils are good for keeping the hair separated from other strands that are not receiving dye. On the other hand, to change the color of the entire head, the dye must cover every strand. For this type of dyeing, foils are not necessary.


If using foils, users can simply let the dye sit and periodically check its process. For a complete dye job, the subject can put a shower cap or plastic wrap over the dye while it processes. While the dye packaging likely has standard process times listed, everyone's hair can react differently to dye. This is why it is important to keep an eye on the color.

Condition, Dry, and Style

When the color has processed to the level desired, users should remove the foils or the shower cap and rinse the hair thoroughly using cool water. The water should eventually run clear. Once the dye is out of the hair, users should apply a conditioner to keep hair soft and healthy. Then, the hair is ready to be dried and styled normally.

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Suitable For Salon & Spa
Size 98 gm each
Brand Matrix
Ideal For Men, Women
Used For Skin Softening & Smoothening, Shine & Gloss, Color/Chemically Treated Hair, Styling
Hair Type All Hair Types
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