Whitening Talc Touch Deo

Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant For Women (150ml)

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Nivea Whitening Floral Touch Deodorant For Women (150ml)

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Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant For Women (150ml)

  • Odor Protection
  • Long Lasting Freshness
  • Care for your Underarms
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A Deodorant that cares like talc, but doesn't show like it. Unlike regular talc which accumulates under the creases of your skin , this comes with micro powder that spreads across evenly. It even has licorice extracts that repair skin to give you smooth, even-toned underarms, so you get the confidence to go sleeveless

How to use?

STEP 1 : Shake the can well and hold the can 15 cm away from the underarms.
STEP 2 : Spray directly on the underarm skin do not spray on clothes or broken/irritated skin.
STEP 3 : Allow it to dry completely.
STEP 4 : Stay fresh all day long

More Information
Suitable For Personal Use
Size 150 ml
Brand Nivea
Ideal For Women
Contents 1x Deo
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