Whitening Kit

O3+ Whitening Kit & Dtan Pack Combo

Brighten Up Cleanser

O3+ Brighten Up Cleanser (120ml)

Whitening Scrub

O3+ Men Sea Powerful Refreshing Whitening Scrub (50gm)

O3+ Whitening Kit & Dtan Pack Combo

  • D Tan cleanser has 8 benefits in just 1 jar
  • Hydrates, nourishes, soothes, calms,
  • Heals, whitens, brightens and lightens the skin.
  • Instant brightening and lightening benefits.
  • Suitable for Normal to Dry skin
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The O3+ Whitening Kit suitable for normal to dry skin comprises of Whitening Cleansing Foam, Whitening Tonic, Whitening Serum, Whitening Cream and Whitening Mask for nourishing, whitening and lightening all types of skin.

Kit Content:

  1. 1x Whitening Cleansing Foam (50ml)
  2. 1x Whitening Tonic (50ml)
  3. 1x Whitening Serum (50ml)
  4. 1x Whitening Cream (50gm)
  5. 1x Whitening Mask (50gm)
  6. 1x D-Tan Cream (300gm)

How to use?

Cleanser: Apply 4 drops of cleanser and do massage for 2-3 minutes all over the face & wipe out.

D Tan: After cleansing apply Dtan for 6-7 minutes, leave it undisturbed and remove with a wet towel.

Tonic: Apply 3-4 drops and do taptoment massage for 2-3 min and leave it.

Massage Cream: Apply it on all over the face and do massage for 10-15 min.

Mask: Apply it all over the face for 7-10 min and wipe out.

Serum: Apply 2-3 drops all over the face and leave it.

More Information
Suitable For Personal Use, Salon & Spa
Size ~550 gm
Brand O3+
Ideal For Women
Contents 1x Facial kit
1x O3+ D-Tan Cream (Free)
Used For Anti-Tan, Hydrating, Skin Brightening, Skin Lightening/Whitening, Nourishment
Skin Type Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Normal to Dry Skin
Preference Combos, Paraben Free
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