Aroma Magic Geranium Essential Oil (20ml)


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Aroma Magic Geranium Essential Oil (20ml)

  • It increases blood circulation.
  • It helps in achieving glowing skin.
  • It calms menopausal problems and throat infections.
  • It is an effective nerve tonic.

To be avoided by people with high blood pressure condition.

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How to use?


Geranium essential can be used for massages. Mix 2-3 drops of the essential oil into carrier oil and blend it well.


Add 4-5 drops of Geranium essential oil to your bath tub or 3-4 drops to your bucket and swish the water gently to mix the oil well. If you have dry skin, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil along with the essential oil.


Use 4-5 drops of Geranium essential oil in a diffuser bowl filled with three quarters of water. Essential oils should never be burnt directly as the chemical structure can get changed with incineration.


  • Geranium essential oil a healer for chill blains, frost bites and excessive cold hands/feet conditions. Apply 1-2 drop directly to the affected area and massage gently.
  • If you have dull skin, use Geranium essential oil for a facial massage. Add 2 drops of it to almond oil and massage gently. After massaging with this place hot towel over your face for oil to seep in better and relax further.
  • Geranium essential oil can be used as a mosquito repellent ointment. Mix 4-6 drops with a vegetable table and apply to your body.
More Information
Suitable For Personal Use
Size 20 ml
Brand Aroma Magic
Ideal For Men, Women
Contents 1x Geranium Essential Oil
Skin Type All Skin Types
Preference Natural, Aromatherapy