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Beardo Sheesham Wooden Comb

Beardo Compact Sheesham Beard Comb

  • Compact styling tool for men
  • Beard styling on the go
  • Precision combing
  • Retains natural oils
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Sheesham is also known as Indian Redwood. The great thing about it is that it provides protection against the environment as it has natural regenerative properties. Not only does the compact sheesham comb help you style your beard hassle-free, but its pocket-size enables you to use it anywhere and at any time! The smaller beard comb adds details to your hair which are hard to achieve with a full-sized comb.

How to use?

If you are wondering how to stop hair loss, you are in luck! Sneak in a quick touch up with Beardo Compact Sheesham Beard Comb! Simultaneously, this compact comb also spreads the natural oils evenly across your hair keeping it nourished throughout the day!

Beardo Compact Sheesham Beard Comb is a little beauty fits right into your pocket, so that you can groom your hair on the go! No need to spend an hour massaging and styling. You can do style your beard anywhere at your convenience now!

More Information
Suitable For Personal Use
Brand Beardo
Ideal For Men
Contents 1x Beard Comb
Color Wooden
Material Sheesham Wood (Red Wood)
Used For Styling