Italwax Film Hard Wax White Chocolate (500gm)

Italwax Film Hard Wax White Chocolate (500gm)

Italwax Film Hard Wax White Chocolate (500gm)

Italwax Film Wax White Chocolate 500g
- Exclusive hot wax with the lowest melting temperature (40-42 oC/104-107 oF)
- Ideal for sensitive skin and facial areas
- No strips required
- Ultimate product form: pellets are universally loved for convenience and cost-effectiveness
- Superior grip for stubborn, coarse hair
- Impeccable salon results even after 1st use

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Product details

Optimal stiffening time. Due to the light color of wax, the results of depilation are visible on the wax application. So you can check how professional you are and get better with each procedure.

Ideal for beginners.

Works at +42 oC/107oF, no danger of burns.

Combines ideal adhesiveness with unparalleled skin-friendliness.

Accurately follows the curves of the body due to high plasticity allowing to depilate poorly accessible areas at the first attempt.

Thanks to a long-lasting thermal exposure (5-12 seconds), perfectly steam the skin, which makes the process less painful, captures even the shortest and coarsest hair, and only then stiffens.

Forms a film-like application that is removed, eliminating all the hairs together with their roots, leaving no broken hair, irritation or redness.

Very cost-effective, you can remove hair in the armpit zone with just one application. Diminishes wax consumption by approximately 30%.

See detailed instructions on the package.


  • Professional use ONLY
  • Pour the beads into the heater and wait till the substance turns +42 oC/107oF.
  • Apply the wax slowly, putting pressure on the spatula.
  • Wax hardens in 5-12 seconds (ready-to-use wax must not stick to the hand when touched.
  • Try to remove all the hair in the armpit with just one application.


  • Prepare the skin with an alcohol-containing lotion and a small amount of talc.
  • With a spatula, put a thin layer of wax onto the skin regardless of the direction of the hair growth, but towards you, leaving a small `petal` to be pulled later on.
  • With one hand, hold the skin taut in the direction opposite to the removal of the application. With the other hand pull back the wax quickly and firmly, parallel and as close to the skin surface as possible.
  • Cleanse and hydrate the skin with some cream to finish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Professional Use Only! Please read carefully all the instructions on the product label before use.

About ItalWax

ItalWax presents FILM WAX – an improved hot wax option. It contains special rubber ingredients, which make its properties very special, comparing to classic hot wax.

ItalWax presents a wide range of liposoluble waxes for different hair and skin types, as well as the preferences of cosmetologists. The correct choice of wax in many ways determines the effectiveness and painlessness of the procedure.

ItalWax sugar paste is a new, absolutely hypoallergenic product created by the traditional recipe nothing extra: only edible sugars and corn starch.

Also presents highly purified delicate paraffin, lotions, oils, gels, and creams are used in every depilation procedure. Italwax presents a wide range of pre-and post-depil products, containing essential oils and natural ingredients.


Made in: ITALY

Expiry Date: NOV 2023

More Information
Suitable For Personal Use, Salon & Spa
Size 500gm
Ideal For Men
Contents 1x500gm
Skin Type All Skin Types