Rica Lemon After Wax Lotion (250ml)

Rica Lemon After Wax Lotion (250ml)

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  • Extracts of Lemon 
  • Helps to Removes Any Wax 
  • Help in making the skin look clear and soft
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Lemon Natural Antiseptic Healing And Purifying Properties, This Dry Lotion Removes Any Wax Residue Guaranteeing Rapid Recovery Of The Skin After Depilation.

Rica Lemon After Wax Lotion guarantees that any form of residual wax will be taken care of with precision. Moreover, this product is priced competitively and doesn’t lead to any form of skin irritation. Even if someone has bought a different breed of hair removal wax, this after wax lotion fits in almost perfectly. Therefore, if the user is looking to buy wax online, he or she must first add this product to the list. Besides offering to purify and healing properties to the skin surface, the antiseptic properties on offer are absolutely enviable as they make sure that irritations are kept to a minimum, even after prolonged periods of waxing.

  • Rapid skin recovery after depilation
  • Guarantees perfect removal of residual wax
  • Boasts of purifying properties

How to use?

After waxing, apply to the skin. Massage gently to remove any residual wax and until fully absorbed. Ideal to do a message.

  1. Apply the same onto the waxed areas in the form of sprays
  2. Wipe the same off with cotton rubs for a moisturized feel
More Information
Suitable For Personal Use, Salon & Spa
Size 250 ml
Brand Rica
Ideal For Women
Contents 1x After Waxing Lotion
Skin Type Normal Skin
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