Sirona Sanitary Disposal Bag (15pcs)

Sirona Sanitary Disposal Bag (15pcs)

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    Worried about disposing of your sanitary napkin or other intimate products? These Made in India, ‘I love clean’ bags by Sirona are disposable sanitary bags best for hygienic disposal of intimate care products or general products (which need discreet disposal). Say no to using black plastic bags or newspaper. Sirona’s disposal bags are tear-resistant and are sealed perfectly to ensure zero bad odour or leakage. The advantages of using disposal bags are many. They are Oxo-degradable and Nature-friendly, Tamper Proof bags with No Leakage and Easy to carry. Also, waste pickers separate out soiled napkins from recyclable items by hand, exposing themselves to various disease-causing microorganisms. Thus, once sealed, it’ll prevent human contact with waste, decreasing any chances of catching a disease.

    • 100% OXO BIODEGRADABLE: The materials used to make these bags are 100% Safe and Eco-Friendly Extra Durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.
    • LEAK PROOF: The leak-proof design keeps the bacteria and wetness where it belongs making your surroundings safe and hygienic.
    • UTILITY: These bags are Ideal for Sanitary Pads, Tampons, and Panty Liners they are also apt for Disposal of Baby Diapers and Baby Wipes. They are multi-utility bags and can be used for the disposal of all sorts of waste. BAG SIZE:- 12.5 cm X 19 cm.
    • TEAR PROOF: The bag seals the odor inside the bag and helps keep your surroundings fresh and clean These bags are tear-resistant which prevents any leakages. The raw materials used are strong and tear-proof so just dispose of them tension-free, start hygienic disposal today.
    • CONVENIENCE: These bags Fits Conveniently in Purse For Quick & Easy Handling. So you can carry them along as and when required.

    Sirona Sanitary Pads/ Napkin Disposal Bags for Discreet Disposal of Sanitary Pads, Baby Diapers

    Tamper Proof and Oxo-Biodegradable Disposable Bags By Sirona

    • Use for clean and discreet disposal of intimate and sanitary products, Oxo biodegradable bags with built in glue, our sanitary bags seal perfectly with no leakage, tamper and tear proof.
    • Bag seals the odor inside the bag and helps keep your surroundings fresh and clean
    • Ideal for disposal of sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, peebuddy, baby diapers
    • Fits conveniently in purse for quick and easy handling.
    • Bag size 30 x 16 cm Package Includes: Sanitary Napkin & Intimate Disposable Bags



    Our I Love Clean Sanitary Disposal Bags are made with oxo-biodegradable material, i.e., it degrades biologically in bits and powdered form. Once decomposed, it doesn’t leave any fragments behind.


    I Love Clean Sanitary Disposal Bags come with built-in glue to effectively secure the trash inside the bag. Its material is entirely leak-proof and spill-proof as well to give you complete surety while disposing of anything.

    Easy To Carry

    While travelling or staying out of the comfort of home, one thing that bothers women the most is disposing of the sanitary products. Carry I Love Clean Sanitary Disposal Bags and save yourself from the embarrassment. They come in compact packaging and are super easy to carry around.

    No More Black Plastic Bags or Newspapers

    Sanitary Disposal Bags solves the problem of finding a newspaper or black plastic poly bags which are super harmful to the environment. Also, it protects the waste pickers from any chances of catching a disease.


    Sirona Sanitary Disposable bags are very easy to carry and fit conveniently in a purse. They are super discreet and also seal the odour inside the bag with no leakage, tamper or tear.


    Made with oxo-biodegradable material, our disposal bags are robust, tamper-proof and also tear-resistant. Disposable bags are ideal for disposing of Sanitary Pads, Baby Diapers, Panty liners, PeeBuddy, Tampons and Condoms.

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