Wahl Moser Clipper For Men (1400) - Maroon

Wahl Moser Clipper For Men (1400) - Maroon


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Wahl Moser Clipper For Men (1400) - Maroon

  • Precision-ground stainless steel blade set star blade made in Germany
  • multi click cutting length adjustment with 5 lockable positions 0.1-3mm
  • New, quiet, and powerful oscillating armature motor featuring 50% higher performance
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Wahl clipper corporation is an international brand recognized in the manufacturing of products for professional beauty and consumer personal care. Wahl offers a wide variety of facial hair trimmers, haircutting clippers, and personal grooming and styling kits, which means there is an option for any style or budget. Create a buzz with Wahl in your hand, with different looks and styles to groom yourself and bring out the best in you and look as glamorous and gorgeous as you desire.


A powerful heavy-duty motor provides extreme power for smooth, no-snag cutting with removable, easy-to-clean blades. Kit includes a set of 4 Secure Snap smooth cutting attachment guards with large easy-to-see comb sizes.


Self-sharpening precision blades stay sharp longer. It avoids snagging, pulling, and uneven cutting.


Designed for professionals, the enhanced self-sharpening precision durable blades are made of stainless steel, making it long-lasting and cut off any hair smoothly, quickly, easily, efficiently, and precisely. The attachment comb allows multiple cutting lengths.

Product Maintenance

Ensure a long operating life by remembering to regularly clean and oil the blade set regularly.

Oiling and maintaining the blade sets reduces friction, heat generation and wear and also protects it from environmental conditions. Neglecting maintenance puts a greater strain on the device, causes drive and transmission wear and also reduces battery operating time and cutting performance.

Ideally, the blade set should be cleaned and oiled with a brush after each haircut.

  • Open blade set with a screwdriver. Clean the top and bottom blades with a brush and oil the blade surfaces. Following oiling, screw the top and bottom blades onto the appliance again.
  • Then switch on the machine for approx. 10 seconds to allow the oil to evenly spread across the blade surface.
  • Our maintenance video will show you how it is done.

Item Dimensions: LxWxH : 25 x 7 x 4 Centimeters

Included Components: 1 N Clipper, 1 N Guard,1 N 5ml Cleaning Oil, 1 N Cleaning Brush, 1 N 5mm,1 N Manual, 1 N Warranty Card.

More Information
Suitable For Salon & Spa
Brand Wahl
Ideal For Men
Contents 1 N Clipper, 1 N Guard,1 N 5ml Cleaning Oil, 1 N Cleaning Brush, 1 N 5mm,1 N Manual, 1 N Warranty Card.
Color Maroon
Material Chrome Plated Blades