Surface Protection Shield

Dr Rhazes Surface Protection Shield (180gm)

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Dr Rhazes Germ Kill Spray Foam (250ml)

Dr Rhazes Surface Protection Shield (180gm)

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Surface protection sprays are one of the best ways to protect your family from viruses. But spraying and respraying over and over can get tedious. And the fact that even one touch can compromise the protection makes it worse. But not any more.

Dr Rhazes 24 Hour Surface Protection Shield kills viruses & germs instantly and protects your family for 24 Hours with just one spray. With 70% Ethanol, the spray kills 99.9% viruses & germs. What’s more, a single spray is all that is necessary to keep the surface protected against multiple touches.

Formulated & developed in Singapore, Dr. Rhazes 24-hour Surface Protection Shield has a pleasant fragrance and offers instant and day-long protection for your family. Designed and developed in Singapore. Made in India.

Product Details:

MRP: 190/-

Mfg Date: 08/2020

Expiry Date: 07/2022

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Suitable For Personal Use
Size 180 gm
Brand Dr Rhazes