Sirona pH Balanced Bamboo Intimate Wipes (30 Wipes)

Sirona pH Balanced Bamboo Intimate Wipes (30 Wipes)

  • <100% bamboo fiber
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These wipes are hypoallergenic and don’t disrupt skin’s natural pH balance in the intimate area. They are bamboo-based, biodegradable and offer a hassle-free intimate hygiene solution.


During travel hauls, sweaty underarms can cause discomfort and odour. Use these wipes to clean sweat and feel refreshed.

Breast area

These wipes offer tender care for keeping the breast area clean without causing dryness.

Bikini area

Maintain intimate hygiene pre and post-sex or when using public toilets with these pH-balanced wipes.

Refreshing: Wiping the intimate areas with these wipes leaves the skin cleansed and refreshed during travel, outdoor activities or pre/post sex.

pH balanced for the intimate area skin: The wipes are formulated to maintain the pH level of intimate area (3.5). This makes them perfect for use on bikini area and even underarms.

Bamboo based: Made with bamboo fibre, these wipes have a smooth texture and are ultra-soft on skin.

Alcohol-free: Being free of alcohol, these wipes cleanse the skin without drying it out.

KEY Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil: It has antimicrobial properties which help eliminate germs in the intimate area and clears the skin of impurities.

Neem Oil: Having naturally healing properties, it helps relieve itchiness and redness in the skin and helps purify it.

Aloe Vera extracts: Enriched with Aloe Vera, the wipes leave the skin refreshed and moisturizes when used.

Lavender Oil:Anti-inflammatory in nature, lavender oil soothes and moisturizes the skin.

More Information
Suitable For Personal Use
Size 30 Wipes
Ideal For Women
Contents 30 Wipes
Skin Type All Skin Types
Preference Alcohol Free
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