Sirona Premium Digital Non - Applicator Tampons Medium Flow (12pcs)

Sirona Premium Digital Non - Applicator Tampons Medium Flow (12pcs)

  • Sirona tampons are 100% natural and extra soft.
  • The fibre used in the tampons is super absorbent in nature and keeps you leak-proof and odour-free all day.
  • The Tampons provide on the go protection with comfort and convenience.
  • Indulge in any activity or sport even on period days: swim, dance or play with the tampon in place.
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Tampons are designed to be easily inserted during menstruation & absorb the menstrual flow. They are made up of a compressed layer of highly absorbent fibers.

Twist-turn opening: To save the tampon from any deformity, its packing is intact. Twist and Turn opening is easy to open when at need.

Highly absorbent fiber: These tampons are made up of a compressed layer of absorbent natural fibers that soak all the blood flow. Also, the fiber is smooth and doesn't put rashes. The eight channels of the tampon allow even expansion, which boosts its absorptive capacity. It is reliable and easy to use.

No Leakage, odor, or Stain: The fiber of the tampon has a very good absorbing quality and the design is drip-proof. It is leakage-proof and saves from getting stains or marks over your clothes. It prevents menstrual odor and is highly discreet.


Enjoy greater physical freedom with Tampons. Using tampons helps you have stress-free and stain-free periods. Unlike sanitary pads, using tampons during your periods is more liberating for all physical activities. It is comfortable and also, they are good to go for next 4-6 hours straight. Tampons are leakage-proof and rash-free.


Tampons enable you to swim, dance, and change sides and posture freely without any fear of leakage. Swimming during your periods wearing sanitary pads is a no-no. You can easily wear a Sirona Tampon and dive right in. Tampons offer the benefit of invisible protection and help keep your period private. They can be worn with any outfit?" shorts, skirts or even bikini bottoms! Now, cycle with ease wearing tampons. Dance freely without any worries of stains or wet sensations during your periods. Tampons allow you freedom of movement.

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