Sirona Ultra-Thin Premium Panty Liners (Regular Flow) - 60 Counts (Small)

Sirona Ultra-Thin Premium Panty Liners (Regular Flow) - 60 Counts (Small)

  • Soft & breathable surface | 8 hours protection
  • Anion chip with antibacterial properties | Multi-layer absorption | Ultra-thin
  • Absorption capacity: 12-15 ml | In this package - 30 Premium Panty Liners
  • Also, Use them for - Urinary Incontinence | White Discharge | Vaginal Perspiration
  • Spotting (Low menstrual flow days) | Irregular menstrual cycle
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Lighter than pads yet absorbent, these panty liners help you stay fresh longer by providing 8 hours of protection from uneasy wet feeling due to discharge or urine incontinence. These can be used to catch spotting when you are anticipating the start of your period cycle or during the light flow days to save you from getting stains on your clothes. Panty liners also act as an extra layer of protection if you are using a tampon or menstrual cup for the first time.

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Suitable For Personal Use
Size 60 Counts (Small)
Ideal For Women
Contents 60 Counts (Small)
Skin Type All Skin Types