Sirona Under Arm Sweat Pads for Men and Women - Pack of 12

Sirona Under Arm Sweat Pads for Men and Women - Pack of 12

  • Usage: Simple-to-use garment liners that act as a sweat shield & lock excess sweat before it reaches your clothes. So no sweat stains, odour or embarrassment.
  • Ideal for: All Kinds Of Fabric | Men and Women both.
  • Material: Non woven | Dust-free paper | Self-adhesive.
  • Features: Not visible under clothes | Maintains freshness all day long | Prolongs life of your clothes | High Perspiration Absorption | Disposable.
  • Benefits: Zero stains | Zero rashes | Zero odour.
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    We all sweat, but, few of us have real sweating issues. For those who sweat excessively, we now have Sirona’s ‘Underarm Sweat Pads’ to become your new best friend. With our easy-to-use, anti-stain disposable pads you don’t need to worry about stains & embarrassment. Just put Sirona’s ‘Anti Stain: Sweat Pads’ on the garment and forget sweat stains. These are simple to use garment liners and come with self-adhesive glue. Just inverse your shirt and stick the sweat pad on the underarm area. The sweat pads really save the embarrassment of sweat stains and smell. These are suitable for all garments & can be used by both males & females. If you are sick of yellow stain lines on your attire Sirona's Anti Stain: Sweat pads will really save you from the shame and awkwardness.

    • ULTRA THIN DISPOSABLE SWEAT PADS: These are easy-to-use garment liners that act as a sweat shield, locking in excess sweat and saving your clothes from yellowish stains, and you from odor and embarrassment. These self-adhesive pads are suitable for all garments and can be used by both men and women.
    • EASY TO USE: Each sweat pad comes with a self-adhesive strip so that it can stick to the inside of the clothes without any hassles. Apply it along the seams of the garment and avoid the embarrassment of underarm sweat.
    • NO SWEAT STAINS: Sirona sweat pads prolong the life of your clothing by preventing sweat stains and fabric color bleeding.
    • BREATHABLE MATERIAL: The ultra-thin and soft texture of the sweat pads is breathable in nature. The pad is also invisible from the outside of your clothes.
    • FOR MEN & WOMEN: Underarm Sweat Pads are made of nonwoven fabric and are ideal for both men and women to be worn for events like job interviews, public speaking, dinner parties, office, etc.
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    Suitable For Personal Use
    Size Pack of 12
    Ideal For Women
    Contents 1xPack of 12
    Skin Type All Skin Types
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