Floractive W One Premium (1000ml)

Floractive W One Premium (1000ml)

  • No cleansing shampoo required.
  • One Sep Hair Reconstructor
  • Nanoplastia Technology
  • Intra-cellular repair
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W One Premiun Nanoplastia


It is a Product enriched with hydrolyzed Keratin essential amino acids hydrolyzed wheat protein and the exclusive ozone protein plus coconut oil treatment enhancing the absorption and hydration aiding in the reconstruction of hair fiber leaving hair Straight, Shiny, and with no frizz Irs blend of organic acids have been perfectly balanced to give 100% straight results on the toughest type of hair.

About the Treatment:

Nanoplastia is an innovative hair restoration treatment. It is an effective method of straightening that provides a healthy appearance. The formulas for this procedure is rich with amino acids, which, under the action of temperature, penetrate the cortical layer of the hair. Therefore, the structure of the hair becomes strong

  • No cleansing shampoo required.
  • One Sep Hair Reconstructor
  • Nanoplastia Technology
  • Intra-cellular repair


  1. Consultatton & Diagnasts
  2. Wash the hair only if the hair is greasy, oily or any styling product has been used. Rinse with water and 100% dry,
  3. Most of the hair with Serum illuminator, only in chemical created/colored/sensitized hair.
  4. Don't use on healthy/virgin hair.
  5. Apply W-One treatment leaving 1" from the roots. Take 40 ml of treatment & start with nape area (Dab-Dab- Smooth Method)
  6. Let the product saturate for 60 to 90 minutes according to hair texture
  7. Rinse 10% of the product at the backwash.
  8. Moist the hair with a Serum Illuminator, only in chemical treated /colored/sensitized hair.
  9. Dont use healthy/virgin hair
  10. Blow-dry the hair 100% [medum heat ony)
  11. Iron the hair 15 to 20 times, taking thin sectons: froResistantoHairs
  12. (Healthy/Virgin/Curly/ Resistant - 230 C- 21O C)
  13. (Wavy/Coloured/Normal hair - 210 C- 190 C)
  14. (Sensitized/Chemical-treated/Damaged hair - 190 C- 170 C)
  15. Leave for 5 minutes. Let the hair come to room temperature.
  16. Rinse the hair, treat the hair with Marroco Gold Plus Mask. keep for 15 minutes & rinse
  17. Blow-dry as desired.
  18. (On Healthy/ Virgin/ Curly hair Its advisable to wash on next day)

W.One Premium is a straightening treatment with just one step, very practical and fast, as it is not necessary to wash the hair before applying the product. This reduces the procedure time up to 40-60 minutes. W.One Premium was developed to promote intracellular nutrition with nanotechnology. Its effect reconstructs the fiber, leaving it shiny, frizz-free with a long-lasting smooth effect.

( 1 litre )

More Information
Suitable For Personal Use, Salon & Spa
Size 1000ml
Brand Floractive Professional
Ideal For Women
Contents 1 x Floractive W One Premium (1000ml)
Used For Color/Chemically Treated Hair, Styling
Hair Type All Hair Types