Samba Extreme liss - Liss Protein Keratin treatment (1000ml)

Samba Extreme liss - Liss Protein Keratin treatment (1000ml)


Hair Straightener - Causes Deep and long-lasting straightening, with shine and hydration. Brazilian Keratin!

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Samba Extreme Liss

The kit was developed in two parts. The first Extreme Shampoo promotes deep cleansing, removing accumulated residues that leave hair heavy, dull and lifeless.

Returns vitality, promotes lightness and shine to the hair, preparing for treatments. The second part smooth 100% any type of hair, but the biggest challenge is to keep it straight for a long time and still with hydration and shine. Powerful in straightening and also in hydration.

That's what Extreme Liss does!

Everything we need in a complete smoothing process in a bottle! A powerful, unique, yet totally safe cream for any type of person or hair.

Hair with chemistry? No problems!

Damaged hair? No problems!

Very curly or little curly hair? No problems!

That and what Extreme Liss does: power and creativity for professionals to dare safely.

Understand the technology and chemistry behind Extreme Liss

Its base and a powerful blend of amino acids and proteins (FPK200) enter the hair structure allowing it to be realigned.

Adding keratin and natural oils, also, to smooth the hair and internally treated.

Extreme Liss Capillary Shield Technology

The completion of the process and a powerful waterproofing made by oils, glycerol, and blend of silicones, being called by us: Capillary Shield. This shield protects the work done inside the wire and allows the results to last for much longer. Combined with sun protection, this shield also provides shine and smooth effect to new wires.

The entire treatment produces an intense shielding of the wires, protecting them from day-to-day damage. 

 It seems impossible? That and what Extreme Liss does!

Learn how to use Extreme Liss

1 -  Wash your hair with Extreme Shampoo by Brazilian Style.

2 - Dry your hair with a 100% dryer.

3 - Divide the hair into 4 parts, with a brush, apply the product strand by strand, from the root to the ends, with 1 cm of the scalp. On natural and resistant hair, let the product act for 20 to 40 minutes. On dyed, bleached or sensitive hair, let it act for 15 to 25 minutes.

4 - Rinse, removing 50% of the product. Dry your hair 100% with a hairdryer.

5 - Divide the hair into thin strands and “flatten” 8 to 10 times each, for better sealing of the cuticles.

* For natural hair, use the straightener at 230ºC.

* For blond, dyed, bleached, or sensitive hair, use the straightener at 160ºC.

Actual Results

Before and after our customers who have proven the quality and technology of  Extreme Liss.

Have the fastest growing product in the world.

More Information
Suitable For Personal Use, Salon & Spa
Size 1000ml
Ideal For Women
Contents 1xExtreme Liss Intensive smoothing Protein (1000ml)
Used For Hair Strenghtening, Straightening & Smoothening
Hair Type All Hair Types